Tor Warmdahl (Seller) - Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

What can I say other than our house was on the market for one day and we got multiple offers. Sure other houses sell that fast however, Julio was able to create the foot traffic and interest during the county Shelter in Place via his marketing strategy. All we had to do was sit back and watch the offers come in. We will be using Julio with any future listings we have.

Sharon Eckelberger (Seller) -

Julio Orozco was amazing to work with and very professional. His marketing techniques were innovative and he took special care to highlight our home's best features. He always had our interests in mind throughout the process and was very responsive and supportive. Proof is in the results and he sold our home in only 13 days. Amazing! I would recommend Julio to anyone who is considering selling their home.

Meredith Yuan (Seller & Buyer) -Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Julio Orozco is top notch!
When my husband and I were thinking of selling our home we knew we wanted an agent who was current with the market, excellent in communication, understood what we wanted to accomplish and was great in executing a plan of action for marketing our property. From our initial meeting and through the whole transaction he was calm, kind, attentive and understanding. We knew we didn’t need to be concerned with our property because it was always at the forefront of his mind. Buying/selling simultaneously is it so stressful but he helped us stay grounded. He is hands down a Rolls Royce - Inspiring Greatness – Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is an everlasting expression of the exceptional. This is Julio Orozco!! He is exceptional!!

Erica Lam (Seller) -

We had a great experience working with Julio to sell our home. He sat down with us to explain the process of selling a home and what his role looked liked. Julio provided a professional portfolio to present the current surrounding area homes, explained his plans for optimal exposure of marketing, and had a professional photographer capture every aspect of our home beautifully. Julio is very patient and will answer all questions, even if they were a little silly. He sold our home in lightening speed! We highly recommend Julio for your selling needs.

Tejas Maniar (Buyer & Seller) -

What can you say about Julio other than he is amazing? He is your partner, consultant and advocate throughout the buying experience. He truly cares and goes above and beyond in every way. You really feel like someone has your back and best interest when you work with him. I would recommend him without any hesitation.

Amy Lacoste (Seller) -

Julio is the best! We’ve bought and sold two properties with his careful guidance, and he has never steered us wrong. He’s competent, charming, and a consummate professional all around, worthy of recommending to all our friends and neighbors. If you’ve got real estate questions, give him a call!

Milton Armeniakos (Buyer & Seller) -

One of the best realtors in South County. Don't settle. We have bought and sold several homes over the last 20 yrs in Morgan Hill and Gilroy. Julio is one of the best.

Nico Mendoza (Buyer) -

Thank you for your support. I'm so glad I was able to help you & your family find the right home. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else, always here to help.

Eric & Roxanne Kallio (Seller & Buyer) -

I am writing with great pleasure to express our appreciation of Julio Orozco, who has guided and advised us on over 12 transactions over the years.Julio presents himself in a very professional , confident and educated manner , he has both Real Estate and Loan processing knowledge which has been extremely helpful in all our transactions allowing them to be smooth and stress free.
"Julio, our special thanks goes out to you for holding us in such high regard , both professionally and personally. We could not have done it without you !!

The Caspillo Family (Buyer) -

My husband and I had already chosen a Realtor to work with when we came across Julio at an open house he hosted. He was very attentive and honest. His follow up phone call sealed the deal and my husband and I decided to work with him as of that day.
We couldn’t have made a better decision! In a market that is so ever changing Julio was able to keep us informed at all times. We were outbid on two homes. With his network he was able to find us a home that was the perfect match for our family in the area that worked for our children allowing us to keep them in their same school district.
His entire team was able to handle a smooth transaction, including his referral for a loan officer.
My family and I could not be happier to have met this wonderful person. As a young man in the tough world of Real Estate, Julio proved to us how much he loves his job. It showed in his ethical, professional manner and hard, hard work.
We gained a friend the day we decided to casually walk into that open home.

Kevin (Buyer) -

Julio is a great agent that I had the privilege of working with when buying my first home. He is very knowledgeable, responds quickly, and accommodates all of my special requests. We went through the home-purchasing process very methodically and he made sure to explain everything clearly. After months of searching, we finally found the perfect home and Julio helped finalize everything in a timely manner. I appreciate the great support that Julio has provided.

Tom Keel (Buyer & Seller) -

First, let me say that I would not even consider using an agent other than Julio. His breadth of knowledge about the areas that he serves, his listening skills and ability to translate what you are looking for into viewable properties that fit your needs, his follow-up, great communication skills, his great network of professionals and rapport with those in his industry, and his tenacity to work for a buyer or seller sets him apart from every agent I’ve worked with or spoken to in at least the past few decades.

The words that come to mind in describing Julio is “state of the art”, “best in class”, with a tenacity in accomplishing what his customer wants.

In my personal situation and search for a property a few months ago, I was really impressed with Julio’s quick understanding of what I was looking for, i.e., an established neighborhood with stable prices; an upscale home with a floor plan conducive to having a spacious home office; a spacious and grand entry, and most importantly, a price no more than 5% of the selling price of my listed home in San Jose. The latter would allow me to transfer my property tax base and save thousands of dollars each year (almost $9,000 to be exact).

Julio quickly understood the floor plan, style, and type of neighborhood that I was looking for after a couple of good interviews and viewing a relatively small number of homes.

The details of the listings that he brought to the table were extremely beneficial in being able to establish an offer that was built on subjective information and likely to be successful in getting my offer accepted. Especially in a market with multiple offers on almost every house and most of which were above asking price! Julio made more progress in my search in about a week than my listing agent had in over two months!

True, much of the information was formulated from real estate software, but it was Julio’s in-depth understanding of the market, finance (he used to be on the “finance side”), and knowing the right questions to ask to get the software to bring forth the information we needed was something that I had not seen in agents in the past or present.

Julio is the reason that I am in the wonderful home I am in now. Getting my offer accepted was not too difficult, but navigating the multiple transactions further convinced me of his value added services and his ability to understand all of the parameters that go into most any transaction in this area. My purchase was fairly easy and straight forward, but relied upon the coordinating of three other transactions at the same time and within a limited time frame. Julio successfully navigated the whole process with ease (obviously it was more stressful for him than it was for me!) and made everything come together with everyone involved!

Alfaro Family (Buyer) -

We recently decided to buy our first home. As first time buyers we wanted a realtor who was understanding and patient. Mr. Orozco was the right person. He was quick at getting back to us and answering all our questions. He made sure the process was smoothed and explained everything from the beginning. Our family is very happy with our recent purchase and we thank Mr. Orozco for all his patience and his time.

Chris Avila (Seller) -

I can't say enough about how hard working, professional and hands on Julio is. My wife and I were looking to sell our home as we were relocating to another state and Julio was a no brainer when it came to choosing someone to represent us and our home. He was so attentive to every detail that went into preparing the home for showings, even going so far as to come and check in as often as needed to make sure everything was just so. He guided us in prepping our house, staging what we already had to make everything more aesthetically pleasing-even the smallest cosmetic change made all the difference. His eye for design and attention to detail as well as his commitment to showing the house really proved his professionalism. He was even sensitive to our schedules and the fact that we had a small child to sometimes work around and that made what would have been a headache of a process easy on us. He partnered our goals and lifestyle with his expertise, experience and knowledge of the market to make for a great experience. We couldn't have been happier working with Julio and we really appreciate all of the very hard work, time and thought he put into our working relationship and the sale of our house. Not only is he a bonafide professional, he is a wonderful person who clearly knows his craft and loves his job. From his team, his own hard work to everything in between, we would recommend Julio to anyone buying or selling a home a thousand times over. Thank you again Julio!

T. Cortes (Buyer) -

My husband and I recently purchased our first home with the help of Julio Orozco. We received a recommendation from our mortgage company who had said he was a dedicated and hardworking realtor who puts in a lot of effort for his clients. We were just starting out and didn't know a lot about buying a house or how to choose a realtor, but we were very glad we were pointed in his direction! Since we didn't have a lot of knowledge about the home buying process, we had a ton of questions for Julio and he walked us through everything, step by step. Since he also has background & knowledge of the loan side of things, he helped us understand details and scenerios that would come up before it even happened. We found our first home with the help of Julio. It fits all of our needs and requests. We are very happy we worked with Julio and recommend him to anyone we know looking to buy or sell their home, as he is dedicated to his clients!

Merry Crowen (Seller) -

Julio was on top of the sales effort from day one. He kept in touch with potential buyers, buyers agents, lenders and the escrow company to make sure that all aspects of the sale went smoothly. Even more important, Julio kept in touch with us and made sure that we knew what was going on with the sale of our home. I have no reservations recommending Julio to any potential seller. He was outstanding!

Tejas & Alpa (Buyer) -

I would strongly recommend working with Julio. he was patient, diligent, very responsive to our questions any time of day.

Thank you Julio for making our dream home happen :)

Amy Lacoste (Buyer) -

My husband and I recently decided it was time to upgrade from our townhouse to a single family home. Let’s face it - buying a home is stressful. Buying a home while you are simultaneously trying to sell your current home is not doubly stressful - it’s at least 100 times more stressful. Add to that the current market conditions in the Bay Area, and you are setting yourself upon a powder keg of emotions, careening down the road to emotional breakdown and/or divorce :P.

Enter Julio, our Rock Star Realtor. I stumbled upon him by accident when I casually signed up on Redfin to tour some homes with an agent. After meeting him in person, I was so impressed by his professional expertise and straightforward approach that we hired him on the spot to list our place. We didn’t realize it at the time, but he was going to be our savior during this journey.

Julio took all the right steps in marketing our property, preparing it for show, and screening potential buyers for solid financials and a willingness to work with us on the rent-back period we would surely require. On the buying side, he proactively and aggressively searched out homes, and not just those already listed on MLS - he knew exactly what we were looking for, and he networked extensively to hunt that down, repeatedly getting us first sight on “coming soon” properties and/or potential listings. When our first accepted offer began to go sideways (by no fault of his or our own!), he ferociously advocated for us, and when the contract went completely sour, he consoled and reassured us that he would do all he could to find an even better place. After months of seeing him in action, I knew not to worry - I trusted that he would do exactly that.

In the end, all is well - our townhouse sold for a great price to a lovely couple who is allowing us a rent-back, and in a few short days we will close on our dream home. Throughout the process, Julio has been an incredible asset and an all-around great guy - professional, proactive, and unwaveringly positive. I will miss our daily emails/text messages/conversations, but he’ll definitely be invited to all the parties we’ll host at our new home - at this point, he’s one of the family :-)

R Palazzolo (Seller) -

Julio made the sale of my home of 45 years a much more pleasant experience than I had expected. He is very professional. One of things I noticed immediately is, he puts his clients best interests ahead of his which I truly appreciated. I would highly recommend him as your agent.

Ann Palazzolo (Seller) -

Selling a home and moving cross country definitely could have been a difficult situation. Thankfully we trusted Julio with his help and guidance along the way. His professionalism combined with his caring personality was a perfect fit for us. I highly recommend him.

Mark Palazzolo (Seller) -

I want to take a moment to advise that the home selling experience we had with Julio Orozco was a wonderful. Julio has a complete understanding of both the entire South Bay Market and the overall potential home buyers base and what they are looking for which truly exemplifies the passion he has for ensuring whomever he is representing that Julio is at the top of his game and is why Julio is an Intero Top 10% Executive Circle Realtor within the entire Intero Network!

In addition his marketing process is fantastic and multi-faceted!

I strongly recommend if your looking to buy or sell your home you use Julio Orozco!

William Ayala (Buyer) -

Thanks for helping us with the first purchased nicely done

Patricia Rossi (Buyer) -

Thanks Julio for helping us through the process of selling and purchasing a home simultaneously. We are really glad to have chosen you to be out realtor and strongly recommend your professionalism, experience, dedication and promptly communication.

Wanda Seaton (Buyer) -

Julio is a star � performer in real estate and in his personal life! His thoroughness and thoughtful manner in conducting business is very impressive. I highly recommend him!�

Tejas Maniar (Buyer & Seller) -

Julio is phenomenal. He works incredibly hard, and his style of interacting is genuine, kind and patient. He went above and beyond from the moment we first met him, to well after we bought the house (yes he even rolled up his sleeves and helped me remove TV's from the wall!).

If you're looking in the South Bay it's a no brainer - his network of people from lenders to contractors is a real asset to helping you get the best deal, and find the right place.

Finally, for anyone in the tech industry - Julio's style is great! He is highly responsive, works via text, and just gets things done fast. He is a pro at working with busy people.

Stephanie (Buyer) -

What can I sat? Julio nailed it! We ran into a very tricky situation with a not so professional mortgage broker right in the middle of negotiations. Julio and his team rescued us and we got the dream house we wanted! Julio was always responsive and an absolute pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend him!

iwan kwak (Buyer & Seller) -

Julio was extremely professional, responsive and came prepared with market research on the neighborhood and the surrounding areas. He was great at updating me on the progress of the purchase process, assisting me with information that I was not knowledgeable about and negotiating a creative solution to enable a successful purchase. He stayed in close contact with me by text and voice, and responded quickly if I called him. The entire experience was great and I highly recommend him.